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The Schimel Lode: Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration for the Public Good

How To Apply

Step One

If you think your idea or vision relates well to the information on the home page and what you’ve learned from exploring the rest of The Schimel Lode Web site, please organize your short inquiry using the three bullets below. E-mail it to Alert: Except for innovative additions to our current grants, we are generally not interested in supporting an existing project or program.

Your focused inquiry must include a:

If we don’t see grant and/or collaborative possibilities, we’ll inform you as promptly as possible.

Step Two

When a good match with the Lode’s interests seems possible, we’ll invite you to submit a longer description for review by our Board. Based on that, we’ll let you know if we want an exploratory conversation at your site or at a Lode Board meeting, as well as other relevant matters. For your information, following is the likely description we’d want prior to such exploration. If requested, this must be provided as an attachment in a less than 10-page Word document, double spaced. Adapt the following bullets for your headings:

We appreciate your interest and attention to our guidelines.