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The Schimel Lode: Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration for the Public Good


Feel free to let us know topics of interest to you, especially related to innovation and collaboration, that are not addressed below. Also provide suggestions for improving the material available at the links. Just e-mail with your ideas.

Doing Research to Learn about the Effectiveness of Your Efforts and Clients’ Progress (PDF)

With Emphasis on Qualitative Research

Management Of Unpaid Workers from Volunteers To Board Members: Recruitment, Retaining And Training (PDF)

Self-Assessment for Nonprofits (Word)

Written for Prince George's County Partnership by Ruth Schimel and Celeste James

Skills and Services Exchange (PDF)

Use of Barter for Individuals, Groups and Nonprofits

Strengthening Workforce Development through Attending to Individual Development (PDF)

Taking Your Leadership and Management Abilities to the Next Level: A Self-Assessment (PDF)

General information for nonprofits

Source for information about nonprofit management

Free consulting services for nonprofits


Partnership for Prince George's County

Greater DC Cares

DC Government Office of Partnerships and Grant Services