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The Schimel Lode: Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration for the Public Good

Financial and Expert Assistance: As of 2013-2014

The Schimel Lode is offering its final grants of $5,000 to $10,000 with pro bono consulting services to encourage fresh, new projects and programs in the Washington, DC area. Lode Board members would be the prime source of such consulting services.

Our focus is on innovation, collaboration, and interdisciplinary design that crosses conventional boundaries and promises concrete outcomes.  Content can combine aspects related to education, work, workforce and career development, health, the arts, humanities, and/or community development.

Here are processes (how something is done) that also interest us, singly and in combination with the content areas above:

As we draw down the remaining money in The Schimel Lode some additions to current grants are possible depending on the quality of their implementation and outcomes. Our grant and collaboration offer is rolling; there is no due date for inquiries.  To communicate, please follow closely the instructions on the How to Apply page. 

Since 1998, we have been a donor-advised fund of the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region; it must approve choices of the Lode’s Board. Though the Community Foundation and the Board prefer credible recipients with established bona fides, nonprofit status is not always a requirement.

Examples of new applicants include:

Thank you for your interest in and attention to our nontraditional approach.